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Professional Construction Estimators Association of America (PCEA) -

Professional Construction Estimator Certification Program

Revision Date: 07/12/2021


The Professional Construction Estimators Association of America, Inc. (PCEA) was chartered in 1956 with 35 members from various construction disciplines in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The PCEA is a not for profit organization started by estimators, for estimators.

During our early years, members rallied together to exchange ideas, promote educational endeavors and high ethical standards, while simultaneously developing new friendships.  Under the leadership of Charlotte’s early presidents, the members set forth many goals to promote and support the industry while expanding the voluntary association.  As a result of these efforts, a second chapter was formed during 1958 in Greensboro, North Carolina (now called the Triad Chapter).  The Raleigh-Durham Chapter (now called the Triangle Chapter) followed behind  in 1963.  Subsequent chapters were formed in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. 

PCEA members have always been active in the promotion of construction education for the betterment of the industry.  Each chapter individually coordinates, develops and establishes programs to assist and enhance the educational endeavors in their community while pursuing the educational goals of membership.   PCEA chapters support programs ranging from scholarships to local students, endowed scholarships at several universities,   providing construction instructors, purchasing equipment for use in technical training and introducing construction  as a trade to “at risk" students.

PCEA is committed to the education of our members in the construction industry, as well as others in the construction estimating profession. Originally, PCEA had teamed with another organization for our certification program. That relationship ended in 2010. The New PCEA Certification Program is one of many ways in which a person may celebrate their career and obtain professional recognition in the field of construction estimating. 

Certification Program

The CPCE  (Certified Professional Construction Estimator) is unique certification that recognizes individuals for their professional achievement and commitment to the construction industry and estimating in general.  Unlike many other certifications, the CPCE is based on experience and the resumé that senior level estimators bring to the table.  We at the Professional Construction Estimators Association of America (PCEA) believe that there is nothing more important than hands on experience and have based our certification program on the evaluation of an individual’s actual experience and job history. Below is a list of requirements for the program:

Requirements / Process

  • 10 years in construction or a degree in a construction related field with 5 years experience.  Applicant must have at least 5 years of job history as an estimator with detailed job history as submitted on the Application Form.
  • Initial Requirement for Certification: Membership in a local chapter or as an At-Large National member is a requirement prior to application for certification.  Minimum of 2 years with PCEA as a member of a local chapter or At-Large membership - OR - if PCEA member less than 2 years then a lump sum payment of $690.00
  • Certification Term - Certification is good for 3 years.  Certification must be renewed within 180 days of expiration or the certification will lapse and applicant must apply for recertification. 
  • There are two Certification categories with two sub-levels based on project size:

General Contracting (GC)

(1) Under $20 Million

(2) Over $20 Million

Specialty Contraction (SC)

(1) Under $5 Million

(2) Over $5 Million

  • Applicant to submit for desired type and level based on provided work experience.
  • Your certification number will be a unique number based on category and level.
  • Sample Certification ID:  For an estimator with a General Contractor who works on projects over 50 million - CPCE-01000-GC-2 
  • Changing Certification Levels at Renewal - Applicant may change certification level by providing updated job experience since previous application or renewal term.
  • PCEA’s relevant local Chapter Board of Directors will make an initial evaluation of the applicants. After initial local level review, National PCEA’s Certification Committee will determine if the CPCE certification will be issued to individual applicants. If no local chapter, then the application will be evaluated by PCEA National’s Certification Committee.
  • Additional information/verification/clarification may be requested by the review committee at the local or national level prior to completing the evaluation process.
  • Applications and renewals to be stored by PCEA National Office.  A list of active certificate holders to be updated and stored by the National PCEA Office by certification number and name. Specific information will not be released without applicant’s approval.
  • The requirements for this certification may change over time, but assuming that contiguous certification, other than the fee schedule the rules at time of accepted application will be the basis for renewals.
  • Certification Application Form and Certification Renewal Forms found below. 


  • All fees to be paid prior to initial application review
  • Qualification fee: PCEA member 2 years minimum $0 - PCEA member less than 2 years $690 (refundable if application rejected)
  • Application fee $300 (non-refundable)
  • Renewal Application fee $100

What to Expect

  • Local chapters will review applications from applicants in their regions and make a recommendation to the National PCEA’s Certification Committee. Some local chapters may have additional requirements for the certification process. 
  • Issue of certificate - Upon receipt of fees, review, and approval by the Certification Committee a paper and electronic (PDF) Certificate will be issued with a unique tracking number and  level.  Title of Certified Professional Construction Estimator (CPCE).
  • Current Certificate holders to be published on the National PCEA website or can be verified by contacting the National PCEA Office.
  • Renewal - Upon receipt of fees, review, and approval by the Certification Committee an email acknowledgment of the renewal will be provided.
  • Appeals, conflicts, or questions to be addressed to current Certification Committee members and the National PCEA Board for resolution.

CPCE Application

CPCE Renewal Application

    PCEA - National Headquarters

    Please Note: 

    Contributions, gifts or payments to the Professional Construction Estimators Association are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.  

    However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expense.

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