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Bill Helms Chapter of the Year Award

Conceived in 1994 and named after Bill Helms, the first National President of PCEA and one of the original founders, this National award was established to recognize an outstanding PCEA Chapter each year.  This award is based on a point system in which various points are earned throughout the year, based on different criteria in five major categories.  These categories are Chapter Membership, Chapter Procedures, National Involvement, Education & Scholarships and Computer Technology.  Each Chapter entry is to be submitted in a professional manner using a bound notebook, providing backup documentation.  The Chapter earning the most points overall is regarded as an exemplary Chapter.  The first award was presented to the Blue Ridge Chapter, Roanoke, VA, at the National Convention in May 1995.

Download the Bill Helms Scoresheet

2023 - 2024 Bill Helms Chapter of the Year Award Recipient

Triangle Chapter

"It is a great honor to stand before you today as we accept the prestigious Bill Helms Award. This award, conceived back in 1994 and named after the first National President of PCEA, recognizes the most outstanding Chapter of the Year. It is awarded based on a rigorous set of criteria, with points tallied throughout the year and verified through extensive documentation.

This year, the Triangle Chapter has worked diligently to recapture a title we have proudly held many times over the past 30 years. Under the leadership of our Board and with the active involvement of our Chapter Members, we have adapted to the ever-changing dynamics of the economy, population growth, and the development of a better program. These efforts have ensured that we offer our members monthly meetings and social events that not only boost our membership numbers but also improve the overall quality of our meetings. This has enabled us to retain a significant number of our members and maintain their active involvement.

Our success is a testament to the hard work, dedication to service, and commitment to the success of upcoming estimators. It has been a group effort, involving everyone in the tasks necessary to achieve this momentous occasion. Our goal is not to overshadow other chapters but to encourage and challenge them to strive for excellence. Each measurable category we have excelled in demonstrates what a successfully run chapter can achieve, overcoming all boundaries and exemplifying the core values of PCEA.

If we continue to do what is asked of us, success will undoubtedly follow.

On behalf of the Triangle Chapter Membership, I want to thank the National PCEA for this recognition. I also want to personally thank each member of our chapter for their hard work in bringing this award back home. I am incredibly proud to be a member of the Triangle Chapter. We may not be the biggest chapter, but this year, we truly are the crème de la crème!"

Anthony Luise

Triangle Chapter President

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